The Requirements of Being a Lexer

by Vice President Yank and President Narnia
1. Being a totally obsessed fan of Twilight.
2. Being in love with at least one member of the Cullen Clan.
3. Being insane.
4. Having at least two teams and/or ships listed in your siggy…. unitedness/randomness/Gen Y count.
5. Calling it a siggy instead of a signature, and an avatar is an avi.
6. Having multiple friends from places you have never even visited.
7. Actually knowing what all those abbreviations and titles mean.
8. Having argued over a fictional character, multiple times.
9. Being perfectly willing to give posers and trolls a beatdown.
10. Having joined a group of people, just because they are in your age group.
11. Being majorly upset that in a few years you will have to leave said group of people in your age group.
12. Logging in just to tell your Lex friends you are in a bad mood, because you know they make you happier.
13. Refusing to post regularly after reaching a rank based on your favorite character.
14. Constantly sneaking onto the Lex at school, instead of doing work.
15. Saying, 'screw my drama review, I need to post on the Q & A, and while I'm on, why not head to The Twilight zone...'
16. Posting on Flight to Phoenix instead of doing homework at night.
17. Waiting for the lexicon to unspazzify instead of sleeping.
18.Waiting until the last minute to get dressed so you can send one last post/IM/PM.
19. Checking the lexicon before you check your email.
20. Agreeing with pretty much everything on this list so far.
21. Turning your head whenever you hear one of your lex nicknames/alter egos.
22. Telling your friends all of your new nicknames, and finding it to hard to explain when they ask how you got them.
23. Knowing exactly what rank that n00b is going to get next.
24. Thinking about things your lex friends would like as you walk through the mall.
24.5 Thinking of lex friends when you see license plates from the state/country they are native to.
25. Deciding not to watch your fave TV show when its actually on, because your lex friends are having an epic conversation.
26. Downloading AIM/MSN/YIM or some form of IMs just to talk to your lex friends more often.
27. Answering instant messages from lex friends before you answer instant messages from people you have actually met.
28. Having your parents/spouse/guardian/roommate ask you "What in the world are you doing on the computer so much?"
29. Fearing the day when people move on from their Twilight obsession.
30. Having pre-ordered the Twilight movie, and telling many people about it... or warning them not to if you didn't like it.
31. Planning a petition to have your lex friend's internet ban lifted.
32. Spending your days thinking of conversations on the Lex.
33. Remembering real Twilighters never leave after your initial panic from #29.
34. Being sleep deprived because you spend hours sitting on the lex talking and posting.
35. Not letting #34 stop you from going on the lex, first thing in the morning.
36. Spending time looking for cool avvies, siggys, and pictures to show your lex friends.
37. Knowing the real name of most of the users you see at the bottom of the page.
38. Having learned new facts about a different country or continent or state because of your lex friends.
39. Having learned about a different religion from a lex friend.
40. Not being surprised this list is so long.
41. Rushing to youtube to listen to a song because a lex friend recommended it.
42. Having learned to like a new kind of music or singer because of a lex friend.
43. Feeling like your lex friends are your best friends in real life.
44. Thinking to yourself, Aww.. thats true! For #43.
45. Getting more virtual hugs, glomps, and happy tackles than you can count from your lex friends.
46. Giving a lex friend a virtual happy birthday song, greeting, or spanking!
47. Doing 46 through both a ping, and an announcement in huge font on any thread you have a chance of seeing the lex friend.
48. Wondering how many requirements there actually are for being a Lexer.
49. Realizing that you can't just make an account on the Lexicon and call yourself a lexer.
50. Admitting to yourself that either, you agree with everything on this list, or you are really not a lexer or Twilight fan.
51. Rating HGE 1 apple out of 5 on Twilight Topsites, but wishing there was an option for zero because nothing compares to the Twilight Lexicon.
52. Having seen or used the mustache man smiley. :{)
53. Realizing you've lost some of your skill in handwriting because you spend most of your time typing. (Chloe)
54. Having been very excited when you found out Naureen made her 5000th post!
55. Frequently boring your real life friends with long in depth descriptions of what is going on in your favorite thread. (Sami)
56. Loving INMM, as a friend, fiancee, or son.

57. Talking so much with your lex friends you make another forum.